San Antonio Apartments

There are many areas in San Antonio that have great apartments. Finding the right one requires some expertise and some time. We can help you cut down on your time by sending you to the best apartments in the city that meet your needs so that you don’t end up driving around aimlessly.

Habitat offers a completely free service to help you find the perfect apartment in and around San Antonio. Think of us as real estate agents for people looking to move to an apartment. We get paid by the apartments for bringing them new residents like you! Just like a real estate agent gets paid by the seller of a house for finding a buyer. In fact, we are licensed real estate agents, and we would love to help you.

In order for us to get paid for all the hard work we do, you need to list Habitat as your apartment locator on the Guest Card and the Lease Application. It is critical for us to get paid that you tell them we sent you. If you don’t tell them and make sure we are listed on the Guest Card AND Lease Application, then we won’t be able to get paid. So please make sure you remember to list us at EVERY apartment you visit.

You have three options for us to help you:

  1. Call us
  2. Fill out the form and one of our agents will send you list of apartments which youcan then work via email with the agent to narrow down your search
  3. Use our online search and Find it Yourself

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